Day 53 – 22 February 2019

Resting heart rate/sleep duration/sleep quality: 54 bpm/5:19/62%

I woke up bothered by the exhaust fan being flipped to the recirculation orientation in the microwave, so just after 5AM I took it down, and …

I fixed it!

Today I treated myself to more cereal in almond milk and a plant protein shake. I then proceeded to crush two hours at the gym!

Then… I knew it would become an icy and slushy mess, so I drove to work and made my own parking spot!

I worked a bit; I had some meetings and then I had… lunch! Leftovers. This is always amazing!

I then worked some more… and then ventured to Safeway to see…

But! The plant-based stuff was still $5.99 per pint! 😡

Never fear! Halo Top had a chocolate covered banana variety for $3.25/pint! Vegan and 80 calories in a half cup! Perfect; I’ll take four! 😂

When I got home, I finished my leftovers:

And I did some laundry! 😭

And… made this banana bread with the remainder of my gluten flour:

This time – I added goji berries, cashews, pecans, walnuts and raisins!

I compared to last week’s batch:

This week, I also used the toaster oven and a glass dish to make it! This method dirtied one bowl and one dish. It’s a keeper! It also cooked in just around half the time in the toaster oven! Mine is a dual infrared model. It is amazing compared to any other oven appliance I have EVER used.


Day 52 – 21 February 2019

Resting heart rate/sleep duration/sleep quality: 50 bpm/4:29/66%

Weekly weight, blood pressure: 161.8 lbs, 116/68

Two hours gym. Eight hours work.


Bibimbap from Sister’s Deli!


Epic fail because I want to finish my gift card opportunity and go sober/no dining out for the entire month of March. I need to enter a new autistic pattern. It’s time to fully own my life! 😉

Of course I walked there and back! I still burned 1,492 calories for the day! I’ll take it.

And now?

Shoot! I just drunk committed to purchase a bunch of maple syrup! I am so excited!

And now I sleep! 😂

Oh wait…

NOW I sleep! 😴 💤 🛏

Day 51 – 20 February 2019

Sleep Duration/Sleep Quality/Resting Heart Rate: 4:29/80%, 52bpm

I started with cereal and a protein beverage, and then RODE to the gym!

On Steely Dan!!!

I spent two hours enjoying a great lifting session! I really feel great today!

And then I continued to work, ON STEELY DAN!!!

I worked, and then had some of my epic leftovers:

Then I worked some more…

And some more…

And watched my heart rate plummet, like clockwork, with that gluten bomb banana bread – and now I’m all itchy and feel acne coming on. Don’t I have enough evidence yet?!?

Now, I am on my way to an epic hilly ride, sunny – but just above freezing! I’m finding that I have to dodge a lot of snow on the trails to get to the ride start. Wow, won’t this stuff melt?!?

And I am home from this ride:

Day 50 – 19 February 2019

Sleep Duration/Sleep Quality/Resting Heart Rate: 5:29/74%, 55bpm

I started the day with cereal, a protein shake, and a two hour workout. Then I went to work…

And had some delicious WFPB food:

And also discovered the Apple Watch allows some minimal web browsing!

And rolled 145,000 on my truck. WOW! I cannot believe I’ve had it for fifteen years this month!

I also got my T-Mobile Tuesday freebie, my customized vegan taco:

But this time, customized a vegan fritos burrito, unfortunately not entirely gluten free (but it was actually very good – and you can’t beat $1.29!)

Like clockwork – my heart rate plummeted with gluten consumption, however. At this point, I’m going to call this “anaphylaxis-light”

I had a LONG day at work and got home, finally finished making dinner and eating it after 10PM:

What a night. I’m spent!

Day 49 – 18 February 2019

Resting heart rate/sleep duration/sleep quality: 60 bpm/5:39/68%


So I’m ready for another ride.

I made some epic oatmeal:

Except I used hemp hearts instead of flax, and steel cut oats:

Check out my vegan granola. The next products won’t have oil/salt/refined sugar.

I then went on an epic bicycle ride with 0% chance of rain. But, it rained for 1/4 of it:

Just above freezing…but wasn’t freezing!

I had 700mg of caffeine to numb myself up, in my reusable cup:

When I got back to the start, I was hungry. However, I didn’t eat until hours later – and used beer to help undo the caffeine effects.

Boondoggle 2019! 8.24% ABV! And vegan tacos!

Great service, as always!

Now, I am craving frozen non-dairy dessert! Ask and ye shall receive!

So what else is there?!?

I got some to take home! This one isn’t gluten free but tastes amazing!

So do all of these vegan flavors, I am sure:

My walk home was fine – and I had some of my new dessert! Now I am truly exhausted and going to bed! Goodnight! 💤

Day 48 – 17 February 2019

Resting heart rate/sleep duration/sleep quality: 57 bpm/5:59/72%

Today I slept well!

Undoubtedly the beer from last night contributed. I don’t know what I’ll do when I stop entirely.

But… I’ll be fit as F! Not that I am not now – but my standards are insane. I don’t judge anyone else; I don’t care if you’re 40% body fat. All people are beautiful if they are genuine in character. You can be 450 pounds and you’re hot to me – if you’re not a piece of shit. On the contrary, you can be a model and if you take advantage of someone else in any way – I wish you the best in not f’ing talking to me.

So this morning – since colleagues didn’t take the Unicorn cereal (which is vegan but not gluten free), I had it with hemp milk:

And then I had some gluten full banana bread and hemp milk butterscotch pudding – and some vegan Theo Chocolate Molly Moon’s frozen dessert:


I had a Starbucks blonde Venti americano:

Hey! I completed all of the challenges.

Except for one in hopscotch:

That’s what tomorrow is for.

A friend of mine wanted a breakfast sandwich so it worked out.

I submitted an official complaint about them not having a vegan option for ALL squares, and suggested they not discriminate and treat veganism like a religion.

But hey… at least nobody is golfing!

And I have used my reusable cup twice today!

Good pace there – and to the halfway point.

One of my friends – who works for the county and is a Cascade Bicycle Club ride leader, asked me, “how do you plan to get home?”

I told him: “take Newcastle Golf Club Road to Lakemont to Town & Country Market Lakemont to Cougar Mountain Summit to Grand Ridge Trail to home”.

Now… that hits about 1200′ elevation twice. So he said “how about I take you back and drive it?”

Sure enough, 2′ of snow where I wanted to ride! So I am short 2000′ elevation and 24 miles where I expected to be – but I am off tomorrow for President’s Day!

Ironically enough, he never drives – but he had 1.5′ of snow on the ground where he lives. He is about 5 miles from this morning’s ride start. I was 18 miles from it and I rode in with no issue. Microclimates here are a real deal.

All in all, this is what I rode:

And then I walked 1.8 miles to Pogacha:

Just to have amazing tequila and…

Get a BAC of 0.25 in the process.

Happy Hour tequila beverages (as well) run $5.

Non happy hour (as well) run $7.

And now I am gone! Like Frank Sinatra. Gone. Like Elvis and his Mom. Gone. Like Al Pacino’s cash….

Outstanding service as always!

I am going to miss this place a lot.

Day 47 – 16 February 2019

Resting heart rate/sleep duration/sleep quality: 59 bpm/4:49/74%

I walked to the gym. I don’t love an icy walk! 😂

And got a cold brew along the way – reusable cup!

But… I do love a great 2.5 hour workout!

I don’t love gluten breakouts:

But I love ride leader certification:

I rode there and found a ton of snow at my destination.

But, I got my first 11 outdoor miles in nearly two weeks! I hate driving.

I then had a Don Lee Farms plant based burger.

And went to Alita movie afoot… I hate an icy walk:

But, the movie was good!

So was the beer and vegan tacos afterward:

All in all – a great weekend day in the books, to kick off an amazing three day weekend!

I am exhausted (the beer was 8.7% ABV, would you expect any less?!? I cannot handle much alcohol. 😂